CBA has many services offered to our clients, namely:

General Cleaning is an attempt to clean a new building thoroughly. Usually the efforts to clean new buildings include cleaning up the remnants of building construction materials. With the existence of general cleaning services can facilitate companies in new buildings to get clean and comfortable room.

Room Attendant is a hotel attendant whose function is to carry out a thorough cleaning of each hotel room. In addition, room attendants also have a number of responsibilities, such as administrative functions to ensure the condition of the rooms are ready for habitation and make hotel rooms as comfortable as possible so that hotel guests provide good feedback on hotel services.

Building glass cleaning using a Gondola/Rope Access is an attempt to clean glass in high rise buildings that is difficult to reach by ordinary techniques. Building glass cleaning is done to maintain the beauty of the building’s appearance from dust that clings to tall buildings.

Public Area Cleaning Service is an attempt to clean up an effort to clean public areas (public areas) including lobby areas, toilets, lifts, basements, corridors, and mosque buildings

Swimming Pool Cleaning Service an effort to clean the building and private pool includes pool water purification using a special chemical and perform pool maintenance regularly, as well as doing routine checks of sand filters and swimming pool installation machines.

Landscape /Gardener is an effort to clean a garden area or open green space of a building or house with the aim to produce aesthetics and the beauty of the park

Engineering Staff someone who has expertise in a particular technology area. Generally this job has a complex work system. In some fields, they may work independently or under the supervision of a professional.

Pest & Rodent Control is means that pest control is a business process to reduce and or kill various insects and pests that are disturbing or destructive or unwanted, whether they are in the household, industrial or commercial environment.

Disinfectant Spraying is means virus prevention is the right and best step to deal with harmful viruses and bacteria. One of to prevent the spread of the virus is to disinfect the room with a chemical disinfectant that has been registered with the Ministry of Agriculture (KEMENTAN), and has an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet).